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The Three (3) types of Mascara everyone needs…

The Three (3) types of Mascara everyone needs…

Hello Beauties,

I know you miss me..i miss you too but believe me keeping up with Business, Work, My Blog and others has been very challenging for me since My assistant left for school (story for another day)..i thought i should share this Mascara tips with my beauties. “The Three types of Mascara everyone needs.” Enjoy & Share with another beauty freak.
Though, i’m aware the trend now is fixing of false lashes (strip or individual) over a Mascara but this article will make you fall in love with Mascaras again & also help you shop for the best Mascara.

We all have our beauty staples. The lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascaras we reach for almost automatically, morning after morning. Not unlike a timeless pair of black pumps. But—just like donning the same shoes day-in and day-out—wearing the exact same products everyday is, well, boring. Even if you do tend to stick to basics for everyday, it’s nice to be able to switch things up for special occasions, right?
As for me, alternating between a more natural and a bolder mascara is a good way to keep my eye makeup from looking and feeling monotone. I recommend stocking your kit with at least one everyday mascara and one that’s reserved for special occasions. But you don’t have to stop there. Go ahead and throw in a colored option, or a pair of sparkly, pink falsies—anything that makes you feel glamorous! These three-mascara wardrobe, i think, is justifiable for everyone.

1: Everyday Wear
Look for mascaras labeled “volumizing,” “lengthening,” or “curling,” but steer clear of waterproof formulas. “Waterproof mascaras are typically heavy, which can dry out lashes and lead to clumps if used daily.” My go-to for is Maybelline Colossal Mascara, which yields thick, shiny lashes that last all day.

2: Special Occasions
Special occasion and evening mascaras are all about the drama. Choose formulas that combine two or more benefits (like “volumizing and lengthening”) to make eyes pop. I recommend“The waterproof one mascara” by Milani Cosmetics. The mega volume brush creates a false lash effect. Dramatically enhances and thickens even the littlest lashes. Long-lasting, smear-proof, and non-clumping formula.

3:Just for Fun!
Colored mascaras are a great way to add a pop of color to your look, and there are lots of wonderful options out there. You could try bold greens, purples, and blues—shades that really stand out on lashes. Rimmel Extra Pop Lash which comes in green, turquoise, purple, and black is a good one to look out for.


Apply on lower and upper lashes. When applying on upper lashes, start from the root and wiggle the brush all the way to the tip.

Tip: To make your eyes look bigger, use an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes.

Do you roll your mascara wand over your lashes? This probably isn’t the best way to go, either. When you do this, your eyelashes are collecting the excess product that’s built up under the bristles, giving you thick, spidery lashes and clumps. Instead, crank the wand like a lever. When you’re applying mascara, lift and tilt the wand towards the outer corner of the eye to flare out and maximize your lashes. You’ll get less clumps, better lashes, and you’ll use less mascara.

Girl! A little mascara won’t hurt

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